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“You're My Hero!”

Who’s your hero? Can I be one, too? What’s it take to be a hero? These questions & more are answered through this creative, funny, music program for children of all ages. It’s packed with story-songs about unlikely heroes and the teachers and librarians who help us discover them!

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Cole the Stinky Dog


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Drawing on years of experience using music in the classroom, Margie offers evening workshops that are uniquely fun and beneficial for teachers in daycare, preschool, early and special education who want to enhance their skills.

Music enhances a curriculum by enlivening the subject matter and generating enthusiasm among kids, and good singing or performing ability is not required for teachers to use it effectively.

Come join Margie for a relaxing, fun-filled session of learning! Workshops usually last two hours, but the word is out that the time really flies.

“If I had to pick one teaching skill to share in my professional development workshops, it would be to let teachers and caregivers know that it is okay to let your hair down and play-we don’t stop playing because we grow old-we grow old when we stop playing. And children learn through play-the more creative the better. Sit right down on the floor with them and share your gifts-you do not have to be a good singer or a good artist, but you do need to be enthusiastic about your own special gifts, whatever they may be-and kids go far on enthusiasm and can smell a fake a mile away. We cannot all be perfect in everything, but we are all excellent in something!”  -Margie

Popular Workshops (or you may have one custom-made to fulfill your needs):

New Workshop!

“Movement by the Month!”

Get your preschoolers up and moving in seamless transition time! This program supports the new “I AM MOVING, I AM LEARNING” program for promoting health and physical activity in Early Childhood Care. Chock full of ideas to fit your own preschool curricula.

“Transition Time”: This workshop will show you how to help children transition easily from one task to the next through the use of music, rhythm and rhymes. This most popular workshop has an accompanying CD of the music presented, so teachers do not have to bring along a tape recorder. Though this workshop is slightly more expensive, it will have a more lasting and helpful effect on your staff’s work with children. All workshops have accompanying lyric packets.

“Get S.I.C.! ~ The Sensory Integrated Classroom”: Children have many different learning styles. This workshop helps you transform your classroom into a multi-sensory environment that enables children to learn in their own style.

“Music by the Month On A Budget”: Learn great ideas to help you teach thematically, without a lot of money in your budget. Tough times make us better teachers-we are forced to think more creatively! Selections of appropriate examples are suggested for use throughout the year.

“Musical Learning Games”: Learn to look at everything as an opportunity to maximize a child's development using simple circle games. Expand Children's developmental goals just by making a few changes in a game you already know; or – think out of the box and create your own!

In 2008, Margie has added a component to ALL her workshops called, “KEEPING KIDS IN THE HAPPY ZONE”. Lately, it seems harder for kids to stay in a happy and positive mood, carefree and relaxed. It doesn’t matter why, it just matters how we as teachers can help. So let Margie help you with some easy and thoughtful tips that are discussed at the beginning of every workshop.

All fees negotiable; please e-mail or phone (860) 526-5794 for a quote that best suits your venue and budget!

Come prepared to laugh, sing, dance and act, and write your own songs!

About Fees: Each venue is different, so I like to talk with each client individually to come up with a fee that makes sense within their budget. Fees for in-service professional development training can range from $150.00-$350.00; depending on the workshop chosen (some come with music CDs), distance and class size. Please call the office to discuss. (860) 526-5794. Thank you!