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2017 Favorite Show

“Kindness Counts”

In this new era of smart phone technology, it is more important than ever to teach our little ones how to make good choices, how to be a good friend, read body language, and identify emotions using their words.  This fun and interactive program is lively, funny and full of surprises!

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Cole the Stinky Dog


 © Caryn B. Davis Photography



With guitar in hand, Margie is referred to up and down the Connecticut Shoreline as the “Queen of Camp Songs” or the “Human Jukebox.” Just name a subject, and she is likely to have a song to cover it! Margie performs solo at town events, Girl Scout “Sup and Sings,” youth and family festivals, libraries, schools, churches and more. These shows are interactive, funny and energetic. Targeted to entertain 3- to 10-year olds and their families, she also performs campfire sing-a-longs for adults and teens that focus more on Folk and International Music. A proud member of the ASCAP, and CT Storytelling Center,, audiences can expect to laugh and act out story-songs like “Herman the Worm,” “Cole the Stinky Dog,” and “The Fun Family,” to name just a few! Check out the photos from the 2007 River Dog Music Festival! The Campfire Kids were there, too, for a rollicking good time! Margie is also available for private parties.

When I was 5, my grandpa taught me how to yodel and took me with him to sing at senior centers while he played his banjo & guitar. My dad was a drummer in a few bands after his day job, and loved to sing me silly song parodies. My stay at home mom was a soprano soloist in a German choir. At night for fun the whole family would “Sing Along With Mitch” to my parent’s many records. My earliest memories were making up funny limericks over breakfast with my mom before I even learned to write.  So any gifts I share with you today are solely attributed to my wonderful parents, grandparents, and God alone. I had nothing to do with it… -Margie

© Caryn B. Davis Photography

CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN SHOW, or pick one of these great past performances:

1. “Paws, Claws, Scales, and Tales”; song and dance pertaining to animals, for the “dog” days of summer!

2. “Margie’s Gone Buggy”; bug songs in motion! 

3. “The Summer Silly Song Sensation Creation!”- a musical improv teaching kids creative thinking. 

4. “On the Road with The Fun Family”, songs of family and the sacred family vacation! 

5. “Dragons, Dreams, and Daring Deeds”, includes songs like ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ and ‘the Unicorn Song’. 

6. “Scarabs for Cherubs”, Ancient Egypt for the very young. 

7. “Ahoy, Maties!” singin’ & sailin’ with Cap’n Margie 

8. “Dino Safari”, exploring dinosaurs in music & movement. 

9. “Teddy Bear Picnic”- bring your favorite stuffed animal and blanket for a pretend sleep-over. 

10. “Color Cruisin’”, for smaller groups, pre-K, go on a cruise with Margie and explore songs with colors! 

11. “Water Babies”, a scaled-down version of Ahoy, Maties! - For babies only… 

12. "One World, One Home", family music and movement from around the world. 

13. "Dancing Dreams", a musical journey through the whimsical mind of a child! 

14. "Diggin the Environment", celebrate our wonderful earth. 

15.  “You’re My Hero!”, packed with story-songs about unlikely heroes.

17.  “Kindness Counts”, Character building and how to be a good friend. This fun and interactive program is lively, funny and full of surprises!

16. And of course, the most popular, “Singin’ Round the Campfire with Margie”, based on her acclaimed CD, Margie brings a portable campfire to help teach kids the lost art of Campfire Songs.

Something for the kids:

And something for the "Big Kids" and Grown-ups:

About Fees:  Each venue is different, so I like to talk with each client individually to come up with a fee that makes sense within their budget. Fees for individual performances can range from $200.00 to $450.00, depending on custom theme, distance and audience size. Please call the office to discuss. (860) 526-5794. Thank you!

can enjoy social development programs with a large range of subjects, including “Stop, Think, and Go!” about making good choices, and “Friendship Fun”, about how to be a good friend and dealing with bullies.   Also recommended for school-age children: “You’re My Hero!” and “One World, One Home”

can promote the joy of reading with “Reading is Funtastic”, or customize any theme they like.  

Monthly Thematic Preschool Programming Available, too! 

• Sept. “School Daze”

• Oct. “Fall Color Cruise”

• Nov. “Healthy Harvest Festival!”

• Dec. “Sleigh Ride into the Holidays!”

• Jan. “Winter Wonderland”

• Feb. “Friendship Celebration”

• Mar. “Windy, Windy Days”

• Apr. “April Showers” or “Bunnies, Chicks, & Eggs”

• May “Paws, Claws, Scales, & Tales”

• Jun. “CT CLC Concert Tour!”

always rely on Margie for “Singin’ Round the Campfire”. Truly fun for all ages, and a lost art.